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NFL Jerseys Discount

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Rivers seemed as resigned as he's ever been.
Did some Chargers quit?
"No, they did not quit,Carlton Fisk Jersey," McCoy said. "It was more about execution."
"I think it's just about being a pro at this point. Are you going to be a man and come to work every day and do your job? I think that is what it is," Rivers said. "The ball is going to get kicked off next Sunday and Jacksonville sure the heck isn't going to feel sorry for us. If we want to keep getting embarrassed like this, then we can lollygag around and we will. They will beat us just like this if we have this approach."
SAN DIEGO (AP) — As bad as the San Diego Chargers are now, it can get a whole lot worse.
Do the Chargers have the players to compete, let alone win another game?
"We've got to do a better job,Wholesale NFL Jerseys," the coach said. "We're all in this together. Players and coaches, we're in this together. Not every call's going to be perfect. We've got to do a better job executing better job coaching. We each need to look at ourselves first and how we can do our jobs better, how we can execute better on game day."
The only one of its remaining six games in which it can expect to be favored is the home finale on Dec. 20 against Miami. That could be the final NFL game at Qualcomm Stadium if team chairman Dean Spanos can persuade his fellow owners to allow him to move to the Los Angeles area.
On Sunday, quarterback Philip Rivers deflected a question about whether some Chargers didn't play the full 60 minutes.
Unless coach Mike McCoy can get a grip on what's going wrong, the Chargers could match or break the longest losing streak in club history. San Diego lost the first 11 games of the 1975 and 2000 seasons.
The Chargers (2-8) are assured of their 20th non-winning season in 32 years of ownership by the Spanos family.
The Chargers are 3 1/2-point underdogs for Sunday's game at Jacksonville. They still have road games against Kansas City,NFL Jerseys China, Denver and Oakland — which embarrassed the Chargers in San Diego last month — and a home game against Denver.
McCoy didn't have any answers Monday.
The Chargers were embarrassed 33-3 at home by the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, extending their losing streak to six.
"Without a doubt we do," McCoy said. "Until yesterday's game,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, until the end there when it got out of hand, and week in, week out, we've been in every game so yes we do have the players,Undefeated Air Max 97 For Sale, without a doubt."
"I think that's a question for Mike," Rivers said. "I'm not here to assess that. I can't speak to that. It goes player to player. They have to answer that themselves."
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