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The rapid oxidation of a material which is due to in the exothermic chemical process of combustion and thus results in the release of light , heat and various other products is known as fire. In its most common form, fire can result in a blaze which can cause potential physical damage to your properties and assets by burning them. The colour of the flame and the intensity of the fire will depend on the substances and the outside impurities which are ablaze.

The various temperatures of flames and fires are described below –

- Oxyhydrogen Flame – 2000'C and above - Bunsen Burner Flame – 1300'C to 1600'C - Candle Flame – 1000'C - Blowtorch Flame – 1300'C - Smouldering Cigarette – 400'C to 700'C

The temperatures according to the colour of the flame

- Red – 525'C to 1000'C - Orange – 1100'C to 1200'C - White – 1300'C to 1500'C

Across the globe, fire is an important process which affects the ecological systems. The positive features of fire are stimulating and maintaining the growth of various ecological systems. For humans, fires are used for cooking, heat generation, light, signalling and for the purpose of propulsion. The huge negative feature of fire includes contamination of water, erosion of soil, pollution of atmosphere and destruction of life and property.

Now for fire proofing , vermiculite (a hydrous, silicate mineral) can be used in various places. While the most common material used in a Vermiculate Spray NSW contains rock wool and ceramics particles, the most recent sprays include materials contains Portland cement and lightweight aggregates of vermiculate plaster. The best Vermiculate Spray NSW can be bought at Greyton Passive Fire Protection Agency and you can contact them at (02) 9807-9492.

Another way to ensure that your building does not abruptly catch fire is by the usage of fire sealing penetrations. All your Fire Sealing Penetrations NSW needs can be answered at Greyton Passive Fire Protection Agency. They have the best range of fireproofing materials and systems which will help you achieve all you fire protection parameters. These systems include –

- For pipes and cable penetrations, non-shrink fire rated mortar can be used
- Around pipes and cables, fire rated ‘pillows’ which have both intumescent and mineral wool in them, can be used
- For all types of plastic pipes or conduits passing through a large slab, intumescent collars, wraps and pastes can be used as a fire penetration sealing agent
- Construction of fire rated bulkheads can be used to accommodate collars where it is not possible to retrofit pipes or conduits
- For both wall and floor penetrations, calcium silicate , fire sealing penetrations, vermiculate sprays and rock wool boards can be used
- A part of a fire mortar system is the inclusion of fire rated flexible foams can be used to fire proof pipes
- For core holes and small penetrations, mastic seals, acrylic or polyurethane sprays can be used around cables and pipes
- To complement the performance of the fire proofing system, fire rated and non-fire rated backing rods can be used.

Greyton Passive Fire Protection Agency was incorporated in the year 1994 and since then, they have specialised in first class fire proofing of buildings and homes. They enjoy an excellent reputation and have built a high profile clientele. You can contact them for all your fire proofing needs at (02)9807-9492.
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