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The NFL is on a one-year contract with CBS for "Thursday Night Football," and Schroeder says the league will need to consider in the coming months whether a streaming option could be used for at least part of that package. Of course, the possibility of digital companies such as Yahoo bidding for the rights alongside television networks could help to drive up the cost of the next Thursday prime-time contract.
Schroeder,Wholesale Jerseys From China, who oversees media strategy, business development and sales,Cheap Jerseys From China, watched the game in a conference room at league headquarters where more than 20 different devices were set up to test the feed on a variety of gadgets and through different websites and apps. He says NFL officials were very pleased with the quality of the stream and "any glitches were around the edges." Many users reported intermittent choppiness in their feeds, though that can be caused by Internet connections.
NFL senior vice president Hans Schroeder says the league's experiment with Yahoo proved that streaming could be used as the main distribution method for more games and for higher-profile time slots,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale.
The NFL tried distributing coverage primarily through streaming for the first time for Sunday's matchup between the Bills and Jaguars from London, which started at 9:30 a.m. EDT.
Jacksonville's wild 34-31 win over Buffalo on Sunday was available only through Yahoo worldwide everywhere other than the two home markets,Cheap Jerseys, where it was televised on CBS.
The latest from NFL games around the league on the seventh Sunday of the season (all times EDT):

10:45 p,NFL Jerseys China.m,Soccer Jerseys Cheap.
— Rachel Cohen reporting from New York
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